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Today's Tech. Tomorrow's World.

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To paraphrase Wayne Gretsky's famous quote, I look for the clues to know where the puck is headed...not on the ice rink, but in the tech economy! I share what I find with you. Why? Because I'm a firm believer that insight and information gives you leverage! You only need to be 1% smarter than your competition to have an edge - with customers, against competitors, and in the workplace. It's been the secret of success throughout my career. Now it should be yours!

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Beginners Guide To ChatGPT by Rick Huckstep

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to ChatGPT

Everyone has heard of ChatGPT by now. But that doesn’t mean everyone understands it, is using it, or even knows how to get the best from it.

This book is a comprehensive explainer and starter system for a beginner to use ChatGPT, the most well known of the large language models.

Check it out

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