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Sep 30, 2022 4 min read

🎙 Podcast #10: Young people’s data, Instagram, Peloton, and air fryers

🎙 Podcast #10: Young people’s data, Instagram, Peloton, and air fryers

Co-host Shaun Weston and I discuss protecting young people online with expert Jeffrey Kluge. We also talk Peloton's odd pricing strategy for the new rowing machine, some interesting Instagram stats, tech headlines and Shaun's love for his new air fryer.

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🎙 Big Tech Little Tech #10: Young people’s data, Instagram, Peloton, and air fryers

Episode #10

The big story is about young people online. Particularly, protecting young people from the darker side of social media and online influence is one thing, protecting them from corporate data farmers is another.

In this episode, Jeffrey Kluge of Holistic Ethics joins Rick and Shaun, and together they cover the most pertinent signposts from this interesting subject.

  • Should we throw social media under the bus? Is it all bad?
  • We have so many devices, but are there any rules governing the use of data?
  • The influencing of young people
  • The status of online child protection in California
  • Might other US states follow California’s example?
  • The power of the Like button
  • Girls are more susceptible to the damaging influence of social media
  • On loneliness
  • How do we go about connecting kids in a way that’s helpful for their mental health?
  • Rick brings up the capitalist element, where the machine is still governed by revenue

ALSO: in the preamble, Rick brings up Peloton’s new (expensive) product, and the company’s recent struggle to hang on to its senior leaders. Peloton is also leaking money, and is sitting on more than a billion dollars’ worth of inventory 🚴‍♂️

Meanwhile, Shaun has missed out on the big tech headlines because of work demands, but has thoroughly enjoyed using his new air fryer! 🍟

In between, we share tech headlines and some very interesting stats about Instagram.

To end the show, we asked out guest, Jeffrey, what he thinks is the most significant tech innovation of the last 100 years? Our recent guest Charles Radclyffe opted for the fridge. What’s on Jeff’s mind?

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