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Nov 3, 2022 5 min read

🎙 Podcast #12: Health tech, What3Words, AI in orthopaedics, and Interpol's Metaverse

🎙 Podcast #12: Health tech, What3Words, AI in orthopaedics, and Interpol's Metaverse
🎙 Big Tech Little Tech - the podcast that makes sense of tech

🎙 Big Tech Little Tech #12: In this episode, Shaun and I talk about healthcare, technology, and how invested Apple, Amazon and Alphabet are in the future of healthtech. Also, an Interpol metaverse, What3Words, knee replacement genetic science, The Jetsons, Spanish goats and Halloween cocktails.

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Episode #12 Timeline

00:00 Preamble:

Rick and Shaun kick off episode 12 by talking about What3Words. If you haven’t discovered What3Words yet, check it out and perhaps help delivery drivers find your address. Also, is Halloween a thing in Spain, where Rick is based?

What tech caught our eye recently: There's a new metaverse story every day, and the latest news is that the world's largest international police organisation, Interpol, has gone virtual. Read more…

Shaun read about this year’s Artificial Intelligence in Orthopaedics conference at the Royal College of Surgeons. Did you know we are now able to predict the success rate of a knee or hip replacement?

09.17 Tech News

  1. Apple has increased the subscription costs of its Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscriptions in several countries, including the UK, the US and Australia. Apple says the changes are because of increased licensing costs, and to ensure artists receive more money for their music.
  2. The BBC says Amazon shoppers in the UK could receive a share of £900m in compensation, once a legal claim is submitted against Amazon. The proposed claim alleges the company breached competition law and caused customers to pay higher prices.
  3. Instagram users suffered a blackout on Halloween, including me. Users were told their accounts had been suspended. We may find out what the cause is by the time you hear this episode, but right now it’s not a good look for the Facebook-owned service.
  4. Elon Musk has bought Twitter. At last. He has reportedly changed his Twitter profile to read "Chief Twit". Of course he has.

10.20 Health tech (part one)

  • How are Apple, Alphabet and Amazon invested in health tech?
  • Tim Cook’s legacy in healthcare.
  • Amazon may just want our data.
  • Alphabet has a service called Verily.
  • What about glucose tracking?
  • What is Calico and what is it doing in the field of anti-ageing?

19.00 Statistics corner

Wellness and fitness apps are incredibly popular. Here are a few statistics to share with your mates on the golf course.

  • People spent $269m on mental wellness apps in 2020
  • The most download health and fitness app in the first half of 2022 is Sweatcoin.
  • A November 2020 survey says almost seven in 10 GPs in the Netherlands encountered technical issues when using mobile healthcare apps.
  • In January 2022, the leading mobile fitness and workout apps recorded almost 17 million downloads worldwide.
  • In January 2021, Calm was the most downloaded meditation and sleep app in the US, accounting for 40% of downloads in the segment.

19.48 Health tech (part two)

  • Can healthcare institutions keep up with progress?
  • Rick says there are obstacles to making things smooth.
  • Goats wearing bells walk by nonchalantly.
  • Data vs convenience vs security.
  • What do customers want from their apps?
  • Has the pandemic helped innovation?
  • Rick talks about telemedicine.
  • What’s the leading health app in Spain?

29.23 The Jetsons: Innovation ahead of its time

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