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Aug 8, 2022 3 min read

🎙 Podcast #6: Litigious Musk, Facebook’s slide, Amazon Care, and England Lionesses

🎙 Podcast #6: Litigious Musk, Facebook’s slide, Amazon Care, and England Lionesses

Co-host Shaun Weston and I discuss Amazon Care, Elon Musk’s latest ups and downs, Facebook’s downs (mostly), AI balls, Ted Lasso, and the England Lionesses. Plus, Rick finds out when he will die thanks to the Population.io website.


Big Tech Little Tech Episode #6

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In this episode:

  • Rick found a website called Population.io by World Data Lab. It's a fascinating website that reveals the number of people in the world, life expectancy by region, and how long a person is expected to live depending on where they live. 84% of the world is younger than Rick.
  • Ahead of World Cup 2022, Shaun is intrigued by semi-automated offside technology (SAOT), which Pierluigi Collina – the chair of Fifa's referees committee – says will "offer something that gives a quicker answer”.
  • In the rush to be like TikTok, traditional social media platforms have jumped en masse into showing us non-stop videos. The backlash has begun, with Instagram users rebelling against the changes, saying “Make Instagram Instagram again”. Adam Mosseri of Instagram said last week that the app would row back some of the changes.
  • Elon Musk is suing Twitter after Twitter decided to sue Elon Musk. Musk walked away from a $44bn purchase of Twitter, but it’s all still up the air. Litigation on all sides is underway, and this one is set to go on for quite some time.
  • Costs are going up everywhere, and Amazon is the latest to raise the price of its services. Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions will increase £1, making it £8.99 a month. Annual membership goes up to £95, up from £79. This is its first price rise since 2014.
  • Meta's total revenue slipped 1% to $28.8bn, says the BBC. The company warned investors that ad sales were likely to fall again in the coming months. Mark Zuckerberg said Meta will reduce its hiring "steadily" over the next year.
  • Denmark is banning Google's services in schools, after officials carried out a risk assessment around the processing of personal data. Denmark's data protection watchdog, Datatilsynet, revealed that data processing involving students using Google's cloud-based Workspace software suite "does not meet the requirements" of GDPR data privacy regulations.
  • A judge has ordered a trial for the Elon Musk vs Twitter lawsuit. What does the walkaway clause in the initial negotiations actually mean? Rick believes Twitter will win the case. But the big question: What happens if Musk is obligated to buy Twitter?
  • Facebook statistics are on the downturn. What’s the cause? Rick outlines four reasons why he thinks this is the beginning of the end for Facebook.
  • Why is Amazon in the healthcare market? Amazon is buying One Medical to offer walk-in clinics. How might a healthcare subscription work?


📖 Book Of The Week - Elon Musk: Risking It All

Tracing his remarkable life, from his South African childhood to his move to Canada at 17 and then to the US (where Musk made millions out of PayPal and built Tesla and SpaceX into two of the world's most famous companies), this is the revealing new story of a man driven to preserve the optimism he sees in humanity and find a future for humans 'out there among the stars'.

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🕸 The Future of Web3

In this two part podcast from Plain English, Derek Thompson talks to Molly Wood and Packy McCormick. It you're curious to know more about Web3, crypto, blockchain, NFTs and what the heck it all means, listen to both of them:

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