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Sep 6, 2022 4 min read

🎙 Podcast #8: NFTs | Artemis | Twitter Abuse| Dessert Dilemmas

🎙 Podcast #8: NFTs | Artemis | Twitter Abuse| Dessert Dilemmas

Co-host Shaun Weston and I discuss NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. What are they? Are they a fad or the future? Also, Nasa's Artemis programme, Black Gold, Premier League Twitter abuse, and apple pie.


Episode #8

0:00 Preamble

In the latest episode of Big Tech Little Tech, Shaun talks about Artemis, Nasa’s project to get people back on the moon, the first time since 1972. It’s not so much about the project itself, but the fantastic website produced by the BBC Visual Journalism Team.

🚀 Rick's been watching a TV series called Black Gold, which charts the early days of climate change as a consumer issue, and the alleged coverups that occurred.

Black Gold (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb
Black Gold: With Anthony Leiserowitz, Al Gore, James Hansen, Marc Morano. Reveals the story of the boss atop a trillion-dollar industry who discovered a shocking truth 40 years ago, hid the evidence by creating a black ops conspiracy, and would keep the money flowing as the world burned.

Further Reading

9.05 Tech News

10.19 What is an NFT? (Part One)

NFTs may be loved, hated and misunderstood in equal measure. Rick and Shaun try to unravel the mysteries behind what it all means, and whether it’s something that’s going to outlive us or not.

  • What is a non-fungible token, otherwise known as an NFT?
  • Understanding blockchain.
  • The nature of unique digital records.
  • The history of CryptoKitties.
  • NFTs may be subject to being dumbed down
  • King of Leon first to release NFT album
  • How NFTs enable digital perks or benefits
  • Naysayers think it's a cooked-up way to get people to buy crypto
  • Is that fair? Is it a problem if it's true?
  • Digital wallets and charitable aid – how could NFTs help deploy aid?

Further reading

What does fungible mean?

28.38 Statistics corner

A new show segment is the statistics corner, where we’ll reveal interesting numbers related to big tech or little tech. In this episode, we learned a few nuggets about abusive tweets and Premier League footballers.

The statistics are courtesy of The Alan Turing Institute in partnership with Ofcom.

A project was launched that analysed tweets directed at Premier League Footballers with an account on Twitter. This report comprises a review of 3,000 tweets by experts, and large-scale data analysis of 2.3 million tweets.

29.41 What is an NFT? (Part Two)

  • Anthony Hopkins’ The Eternal Collection in partnership with Orange Comet
  • Status and scarcity, and driving cost
  • The Panini World Cup sticker analogy
  • Is metaverse the enabler of NFTs, and vice versa?
  • What might the tipping point look like for ordinary folks’ acceptance of NFTs?
  • Events and ticketing

Further reading

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