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Feb 12, 2022 4 min read

US lawmakers weight up new rules to limit TikTok & other foreign apps

Wiser! Essay: Donald Trump huffed and puffed over TikTok, but it was all hot air. Joe Biden now seems to be doing the same. Why? It's all about data sovereignty and stopping the other side from getting their hands on it!

US lawmakers weight up new rules to limit TikTok & other foreign apps

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The battle for data sovereignty

BackStory:  Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok in the USA. He concocted a plan to have the parent company (Bytedance) bought by a US-controlled business (Oracle). But it was more bluff and bluster than substance. When Joe Biden took over as President, he revoked the former President's administrative order relating to TikTok. But that wasn't the end to it.

Because now, Joe Biden's administration is weighing up new rules and regs aimed at controlling the data used in foreign-owned apps, namely those that come from China.  

Whilst the headlines are squarely aimed at TikTok, the social media platform owned by a Chinese company, the concerns for US policymakers apply to all foreign-owned apps that collect user data.

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