Jan 13, 2023 11 min read

🍀 Wiser! #108: Microsoft and ChatGPT | AI is Everywhere | McDonald's, Mastercard and H&M in Web3 |

Wiser! #108: AI continues to dominate the news agenda, especially ChatGPT and Microsoft's investment in OpenAI. Are we about the see the end of Google's domination of Search? Plus tons of other insights and information from tech.

🍀 Wiser! #108: Microsoft and ChatGPT | AI is Everywhere | McDonald's, Mastercard and H&M in Web3 |
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The Wiser! Top 10 Predictions for the Tech Economy 2023

From AI to NFTs, from the race for space to the future of Twitter, in my 2023 Tech Economy Predictions, I cover them all. Read the 10 plus 1 predictions and my logic for each one of them here.

Wiser! Top 10 Technology Predictions 2023
From 2023 being the year of AI to NFTs becoming a tech for customer engagement, from Elon Musk walking away from Twitter empty-handed to Meta pivoting again, these are my Top 10 Wiser! Technology Predictions for 2023.


Whats happening in BigTech

ChatGPT and Microsoft

Big Story: Microsoft are to invest $10 billion in OpenAI on a $29 billion valuation. This comes days after it was announced that Microsoft was to build ChatGPT into its Office product range, changing the way more than a billion Microsoft users write Word docs and create PowerPoint presentations. Out of interest, take a look at Notion, who have already implemented a great example of what this looks like, which I'm using to write this newsletter.

It was also announced that ChatGPT will be integrated in the Microsoft search engine, Bing, creating a major threat to Google’s dominance of Search.

Here’s The Thing: Google are worried by the threat posed by ChatGPT. The tech giant has spent years working on its own chat bot and has actually built one to rival ChatGPT called LaMDA.

But it has been reluctant to share LaMDA widely because of its potential to generate false or toxic information.

According to the New York Times, Google has a second dilemma: if a chat bot responds to search queries with tight sentences and perfect answers, there’s less reason for people to click on advertising clinks.

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In other BigTech news


What's happening in Metaverse

"We know our fans live at the intersection of innovation and culture and that's where McDonald's needs to meet them.”

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What's happening in Web3


What's happening in Technology

Generative AI continues to dominate the news agenda

In other Tech & Innovation news


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