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Dec 22, 2022 6 min read

2022: the year that Musk sunk Twitter

2022: the year that Musk sunk Twitter

πŸ” It's been less than two months since Elon Musk walked into the Twitter HQ carrying a kitchen sink. He was full of hope and expectation of saving free speech for civilisation. Instead, he's wrecked it. It's a $44 billion disaster.

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Do you want me to be the boss?

When Musk asks a question on Twitter, it's safe to assume that he knows what answer he wants. His modus operandi, is to use Twitter polls to gain public approval for what he’s already decided to do. His latest stunt is to ask Twitter if he should stay on as boss (he's already told Tesla shareholders he plans to step aside.)

Whether he expected this result is anyone's guess.

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